Apple Cake

Although any variety of apple works in this cake, I like to use a combination of varieties, particularly Golden Delicious, Criterion, and McIntosh.

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix apples and sugar thoroughly. Add oil, nuts, eggs and vanilla. Mix dry ingredients together and add to apple mixture. Bake in a greased 13x9 inch pan for 1 hour.

Note: Baking times on the apple cake can very greatly, especially depending on pan size, pan type (glass, metal, etc.), weather conditions, and oven temps. I don't know if elevation can affect baking times, but it might (I'm at sea level). Although 1 hour is the norm for me in the Seattle area, you may need to take it out earlier. I usually start watching it around 45 minutes -- it should pull away slightly from the edges and be dry on those edges, but still soft in the middle. This is one cake that a little bit underdone is better than cooking it too long and drying it out.

*Allergy Note: Because my grandson is allergic to nuts, I had to modify the original recipe so that he could still enjoy this very yummy cake. Although you can just omit the nuts, try substituting 1 cup of chocolate chips in place of the nuts. Looking for a gluten-free apple cake? Check out my Cathy's Gluten-Free Apple Cake recipe.

Serve frosted or unfrosted. This cake is one of those that you can pretty much finish and serve however you like. If you want to frost it, a sour cream frosting is very nice. Whipping cream or ice cream go very well with it, too. My favorite way to eat it, though, is with no frosting at all.

From the December 6, 1996, Microsoft MicroNews, about the recipe contest Marriott had for Microsoft employees.

Marriott Menu Contest Winners Announced

Cathy Anderson's Recipe Takes the Cake;
Taste All Winning Recipes December 19

Marriott has announced the winners of its first "Winter Wonderland" recipe contest. After sampling scads of scrumptious entries, the judges awarded the grand prize to Cathy Anderson for her apple cake recipe.

The recipe has been in her family for some 30 years, ever since they picked it out of an elementary school cookbook that her brother's third-grade class had prepared. With an abundance of apples from her grandparents' orchard, the recipe quickly became a family favorite, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Marriott will put all the recipes into one meal for you to enjoy on December 19 in your favorite cafe.

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