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Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the surnames I'm researching. These names are all major lines in my or my husband's family tree, and I would love to be able to make them more complete. Please e-mail me (cathy@ if any of these names sound familiar.


My husband's great-great-grandmother was Christina Wilson BAIRD. She was born in Nova Scotia in 1845. By 1850, her family had moved to Pennsylvania and later to Illinois. She married Samuel BOOTH in 1865. The information we have lists her parents as Alexander and Nellie BAIRD, and says she had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. One of the brothers, David, died in a prison camp during the Civil War. Her other brother and sisters are not named. Christina and Samuel moved to Kansas in 1886 to an area north of Wilmore, KS. Many of Samuel and Christina's descendents still live in the same area of Kansas.


I'm searching for ancestors/siblings/descendants/etc. of my ggg-grandparents, William Henry BROWN and Jane Elenor TOWNSEND. William was born 10 Oct 1814 in Yates County, NY. Family records indicate that his father was Samuel R. BROWN (associated in journalism with Solomon Southwick at Albany, NY), born 1775. Jane was born 27 Nov 1817 in Romulus, NY. Her father was Uriah TOWNSEND. William and Jane were married 19 Jan 1840 in Milo, NY. William died 25 Aug 1893 in Naples, NY. Jane died 23 Nov 1890 in Gorham, NY. William and Jane had 8 children:


I'm trying to trace the ancestors of my grandfather, Joseph Allen DIXON, Sr. He was born c.1882 in Yarmouth, MA, and died in 1957 in Macon, GA. He married Claudia ROSS in 1922 in Centerville, MA. They had five children: Joseph Allen DIXON, Jr., Ruth Frances DIXON, Russell Woodworth DIXON, Paul DIXON (died as an infant), and Ainsley Mann DIXON. Joseph, Sr. had at least one brother named Edwin, who lived in Bangor, ME. Joseph's parents are Nicholas DIXON and Sara(h) Jane PHILLIPS. Nicholas' father may have been named Charles, and Charles' father may have been named Michael. (These last two names--Charles and Michael--are from information from my Uncle Joe--Joseph, Jr.) Any help anyone can give me in tracing my DIXON line would be great.


Anybody know a KLUTTZ or two? No, I don't mean the type that trip over their own feet 8-) I'm trying to find more of the family of my husband's great-great-grandmother. Here's what I have, starting with the first KLUTTZ (my husband's 5great-grandfather):

__?__ KLUTTZ (b. before 1800) married Mary ALEXANDER (b. before 1800) had at least one son, David Alexander KLUTTZ. David Alexander KLUTTZ b.1820 in NC married (in NC) Mary FRANKLIN b.? in NC. They had at least one son, Moses Alexander KLUTTZ. Moses Alexander KLUTTZ b.11Jan1844 in Ashville, NC d.30May1917 in Wilmore, KS. First wife was Mary A. BELL b.1Aug1841. Second wife was Frances Catherine PATTERSON b.7Feb1851 in TN, d.10Sep1900 in Marshfield, MO.

Moses and Mary's children:Moses and Frances's children:
David Franklin KLUTTZ b. 11 Dec 1868 d. 2 Nov 1952 James Lewis KLUTTZ b. 16 Mar 1880
Mary Elizabeth KLUTTZ b. 27 Jan 1871Lillie May KLUTTZ b. 3 May 1884 d. 8 Dec 1971 (my husband's great grandmother)
Lucy Geneva KLUTTZ b. 8 Jul 1873Alice Minerva KLUTTZ b. 14 Oct 1885
Rosa Sophia KLUTTZ b. 14 Nov 1875Laura Emaline KLUTTZ b. 10 Nov 1888
John Henry KLUTTZ b. 9 May 1877Bertha Adelaide KLUTTZ b. 26 Jun 1891 d. 16 Aug 1972

After Frances died, Moses brought his family from Missouri to Kansas, where they lived in the Wilmore, Kansas, area. Much of Lillie May KLUTTZ and her husband William Baird BOOTH's family is still in Kansas.

I would love to hear from anyone who has a KLUTTZ connection.


Looking for information on my husband's grandfather's family-ancestors, cousins, etc. Charles (Charley) LAWLER, born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma Territory on October 19, 1901, to William Henry LAWLER and Ebby FREELAND. Charley had at least one brother, named Emory (not sure of the spelling). Charley married Hazel BOOTH in Wilmore, KS, on June 6, 1922. Any information on the LAWLER family would be much appreciated.


I'm trying to find information on my great-great-grandfather, Gilbert PHILLIPS. Gilbert married Mary Jane Taylor. They had at least one daughter, named Sara(h) Jane PHILLIPS, who married Nicholas DIXON. The estimated time frame for these people would be the early to mid+ 1800s. The area they lived in was (probably) New England, most likely Maine or Massachusetts. I have been told by an uncle that Gilbert was a sea captain and a settler of Cape Cod. Any help you might be able to give me would be much appreciated.


I am looking for information on the ancestors, siblings, etc., of my great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann RICHIE. Mary Ann was born about 1851 and died about 1937 in Colorado (not sure if it was Colo. Springs or Canon City as family was/is in both places). I'm not sure where Mary Ann was born, but her parents were Henry RICHIE and Barbara WELLER. She married Perry Milo TUTTLE about 1875, probably in Ohio or Kansas (those are educated guesses because Perry Milo was born in Ohio and his and Mary Ann's children were born in Kansas). Mary Ann and Perry Milo's children were:


I am looking for the ancestors, siblings, etc. of my 4-great-grandmother, Elizabeth SHAPLEIGH. Elizabeth was born March 14, 1801, in Kittery, ME, and died March 8, 1852, in Eliot, ME. She married Samuel HANSCOM on July 17, 1825, in Eliot, ME. Samuel was born Jan. 3, 1804, in Kittery, ME, and died March 11, 1853, in Eliot ME. One of their children was Samuel Willard HANSCOM, who married Christine STRANGMAN. I would greatly appreciate any help any one can give me on my family tree.


I am looking for anything on the ancestors of my gg-grandmother, Jennie Delia WILSON. She was born Apr. 22, 1854, (probably in NY) and married Emmett Erasmus BROWN on Aug. 3, 1870, in Romulus, NY. Her parents were Joseph WILSON, b. 1818 (in NY?) and Elizabeth Woodward, b. 1828 (again, probably NY). Jennie had two brothers, Webb W. WILSON and Elmer E. WILSON.


I am doing research on the WOODWORTH name. I am looking for ancestor information on my gg-grandfather, Charles H. WOODWORTH, b. c1854, a carpenter (or some accounts say master carver) from Boston. He married Ellen A. (Nellie) HANSCOM of Kittery, Maine, on 7 June 1877. Charles' father's name was Charles WOODWORTH (Sr.) and his mother was Mary Elizabeth BERRY. Charles and Ellen had at least one daughter, Cora Hanscom WOODWORTH. My WOODWORTH family is descended from Walter WOODWORTH, one of the settlers of Scituate, and also related to Samuel WOODWORTH, who wrote "The Old Oaken Bucket." If anyone has any information on my WOODWORTHs I would greatly appreciate receiving it.

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