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Celebrating Cathy's 50th Birthday

So, Cathy's big 5-0 birthday had finally arrived. Craig wanted to make it very special for her, but how? Well, he started the day by giving her tickets to fly up to Victoria for the day on Kenmore Air. In Victoria, Craig and Cathy did some shopping, saw the Linda McCartney exhibit at the BC Museum, and had lunch at their favorite Greek restaurant, Millo's. Then, after they got home, a little "going out to dinner" ruse got Cathy down to Gordy's Steak & BBQ, a local restaurant, for a surprise party with 30 of her family and friends. And, to make the surprise even better, J.P. Patches stopped by to wish Cathy a happy birthday and visit with her and the other Patches Pals at the party.

Enjoy the pictures!

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