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The search is on!

If you've been looking for information about the LocalTalk PC board, we'll, you've come to the right place -- I'm looking for the same information!

For those not familiar with the LocalTalk PC board, here's a little background. The LocalTalk PC board is an expansion board for your IBM/PC compatible that allows your PC to talk with your Macintosh; it's a network card. LocalTalk is the hardware protocol for the physical network medium, including pinouts, voltage specifications, etc. The network protocol that the two computers use is AppleTalk. To draw an analogy, LocalTalk is equivalent to 10baseT network wiring and hardware. AppleTalk is equivalent to, say, the Microsoft Networking protocol. For more details about the card, including the hardware that lives on it, peek at Apple's Tech Info Library page about it.

There are several LocalTalk PC adapters available in the market. The ones that I have are Apple-made boards. Apple originally manufactured the LocalTalk PC boards, but along about May 1991, handed the job over to Farallon. Since then, Farallon has built the boards, and recently (1993 or 1994) discontinued them. Other manufacturers are Dayna, COPS, Centrum Systems West (makers of the SUN/TOPS Flashcards (others?)

Recently (i.e., within the last year or two), there has been growing desire to have drivers written for these cards that are compatible with operating systems other than MS-DOS (for example, a driver for Linux). But here's where the trouble starts. It seems that techinal specifications for these boards are incredibly hard to come by. Now, by tech specs, I'm not refering to how the DIP switches work, but rather low-level programming details. So the search is on to find tech specs for the Apple or any other LocalTalk boards.

I have been searching, actively and passively, for this information since about June 1995. That's a long time to look for something on the Internet! But that shows you just how hard it is to find anything about this card! My efforts have not been compeletely fruitless, fortunately. So far, I have found the follow:

If you have any information that could aid in the search for LocalTalk Adapter info, please let me know. Also, if you've found that I have something wrong, definitely let me know!

Last modified August 15, 1996