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Pictures from Two-Bit Tuesday

September 15th, 1998

Palo Alto Bowl was a popular evening hangout for the NASA Ames Trailer People. On this night, the usual Ames Trailer crowd came along, as well as Kat's boyfriend Jesse and Grant's roommate Bobby.

Grant (left) and Karl are relaxed, before the bowling wager is set. Between myself, Grant, and Karl, the bowler with the lowest total score for the evening has to bring doughnuts to the Trailers later in the week. We won't say which bowler ended up with the lowest score (hint: he isn't pictured).

We come for the bowling, but we stay for the socializing. Pictured are Kat, Jesse, and Karl.

Not all balls thrown make strikes or spares. Sorry, Kat. 8)

But the frames that do end in strikes are exciting. Bobby gets a double high-five from Grant.

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