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Impressions of Corey

I'm not big on taking pictures of myself, so I have very few self portraits in my personal photo albums. However, some of my friends have begun challenging the fact that I am really down here in the Bay Area this summer. For all they know, anyone could have taken the pictures that I have. So, to give myself some sort of alibi, I've tried to take some pictures of me. They're more pictures of impressions of me than anything, though, but they're better than nothing. 8)

Here I am biking up Middlefield road as it crosses Highway 101. This picture was more difficult to take than it appears (really!) because I'm actually moving in this picture. [7/9/98]
[Shadow of Corey on his bike]

In this photo, I was biking along the Steven's Creek trail outside of Ames. In fact, if I were to have tilted the camera up to a higher declination, I would have taken the picture that's on my main Mountain View page. Here, I'm off my bike, looking at my shadow in an embankment (yes, the trail grass does grow to be 8 feet tall! 8) ).
[Shadow of Corey taking a picture]

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