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Pictures from Rock Climbing

September 13th, 1998

On the last weekend that all of us would be together, the NASA Ames Trailer People headed up to Berkeley for a day full of rock climbing. There are a number of parks that offer rock climbing in Berkeley, and we ended up at Remillard.

Before we started climbing, Karl and Grant hiked around the edge of the rock to the top to set the rope. Here I am from that vantage point, looking down at Phil, belaying, and Kat. Grant is on the top with me, and Karl is about to climb.

Karl attempted probably the hardest move at the rock that day: a heel hook. He was able to use his heel to hoist himself up the face, though. Although you can't see the rope leading to him, Karl is hooked in to the rope. Kat is in the foreground, first waving to Sharra and Chris who have just arrived, then taking a picture with her Quicktake 200.

Another anchor point on the rock was on the opposite side as the first climb. At this anchor point, Karl is going to attempt a climb up the finger crack. Sharra is going to belay for him.

Following Karl at the finger crack, Kat climbed up the face of the rock at this anchor point. The face has few large handholds. Instead, Kat has to rely on her "spiderman" climbing shoes to stick to small ridges in the face. Kat does quite well is this climb.

While waiting for Sharra and Chris to climb, and for Karl to set a new rope, Phil (left), Kat, and Grant take a breather.

This chimney crack was one of the more interesting climbs. Sharra did perhaps the best on this climb, successfully wedging her body into the crack at just the right spots. Karl is belaying (although the camera failed to image the rope well), and Chris is watching.

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