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Pictures from the Tapestry in Talent Festival of the Arts

September 5th, 1998

The Tapestry in Talent Festival of the Arts is one of many Labor Day Weekend events that went on around the Bay Area this year. Tapestry in Talent has the distinction of being the onlf one which I went to. 8)

The Festival had many hundred arts and craft booths and a few scores of food booths. Good cuisine was had at one of the Greek restaurant booths (good spinich pie!) and the refreshment booths (although $2 for a half liter of water is a bit pricy).

Lots of people came out to the Festival. As many as 300,000 was the expectation before the weekend began.

Many of the small children (and some not-so-small!) found a great way to cool off during the day.

One of the booths was a hang gliding company. To get potential customers interested in hang gliding, the compang had a hang gliding simulator that people could try. (Near as I can tell, the "simulator" is a Sony PlayStation. But the glider really does move!)

The Festival was centered at Park Avenue and Almaden Boulevard. The Festival spread to the base of Adobe's Headquarters building. What a building! The bridge connecting the two pieces is on about the 12th floor.

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