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Ewa 1

From the sign...


Ewa No. 1 is an 18905 Baldwin steam locomotive used on the Ewa Sugar Plantation. It was the first locomotive purchased for use on the plantation and, out of 7 Ewa Plantation locomotives, it is the only one that was saved and preserved.

Ewa 1 was powered by oil, not coal or wood. Behind Ewa 1 is the tender that carried the oil and water.

Although the locomotive is painted bright red, older residents remember when Ewa 1 was painted black. However its true color is a particular shade of green -- Renton Green. George Renton, manager at the Ewa Mill from 1899 to the 1930s, mixed that special shade of green and it was named after him.

The sugar cane car on display was used at the Wailua Plantation.

Sugar trains were used in Hawaii from the 1870s through World War II. Once sugar cane is harvested, the stalks must be in the mill within 72 hours. The sugar trains made it possible to get the harvested stalks to the mill as quickly as possible.

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Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: May 2002