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After getting off the train in Sacrame- er, Hogwarts, study groups attended three classes. The first was Caring for Creatures with Hagrid. I have no pictures of this class, but pictures wouldn't have done it justice; the puzzle was an audio puzzle decoding screeches of various magical creatures. Our second class was Defense Against the Dark Arts; you can see our instructor (a sub, actually; Hogwarts usual Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was mysteriously absent) facing left in the mirror, just next to the yellow shirt. In this class we received our wands. The wand is an electronic gadget that responded to motion, looping and flicking in different directions. In order to cast a spell, we would write the spell word as phonemes, translate those to "wandemes" (ie, wand waving motions), and then wave the wand in that way. If done right, the wand would display a message when you shake it back and forth, lighting up its one row of LEDs at a time. Pretty neat! Here, Wei-Hwa is practicing tapping the wand to activate it while Dan watches.

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Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: September 9-10, 2006