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Practicing wanding

We all knew that at the end of the event all the study groups were going to need to cast one particular spell ("dynamite") in unison to destroy the Draconian Device. Nick (on the right), Andrew of Briny Deep, and someone else practice wanding together.

Funny story about the blue bag in the corner of this photo. About 45 minutes prior to this point we were solving the last puzzle in the driving segment of the game, and that puzzle said to use our first aid kit against the Dementors. Chocolate is an aid against Dementors and we knew we had chocolate. We couldn't make progress on that puzzle and finally called GC. They asked if we'd found our first aid kit. Huh? We looked in the Explorer again -- who's bag is this one? Not mine. Not mine. Turns out, GC had put that bag in the Explorer all the way at the start. It had the first aid kit, with bandaids and other things and chocolate. But it also had snacks, soda, napkins, a trashbag, and a bunch of other comfort bits that we'd have loved to have had hours earlier. Figures that we wouldn't have found it until the end.

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Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: September 9-10, 2006