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Australian and Greek Lighthouse Images
on compact disc

from 4 C's Enterprises

All 48 images on this compact disc are royalty-free. This disc, like the others that we sell are compatible with the MacOS, Windows, Linux, and any other operating system that supports the ISO 9660 CD-ROM format. All CDs are glass-master replicated (not just CD-Rs!) and are individually wrapped in their own jewel case.

These high-quality images are ideal for use on business cards, brochures, newsletters, screen savers, wallpaper, and just about any place else a photograph could be used. Customers have told us they have used our images as cover art for quarterly financial reviews, as calendars, as book graphics, as t-shirt images, to name just a few. Better still, if you have a graphics editing program, you can manipulate the images to suit your needs.

Disc contents

The images are provided in three formats: Photoshop 3.0 (24-bit color, 5x7.5", 300ppi), JPEG (24-bit color, 5x7.5", 72ppi), and GIF (8-bit color, 5x7.5", 72ppi).

The Australian and Greek CD features images from Australia and Greece. Below is a complete list of the lighthouses featured on the Australian and Greek CD, as well as a few representative images. (The images we show here are lower resolution than on the CD, to speed your web browser in loading this page.)

Included lighthouses Sample scenes
Australia: Cape Northumberland
Macquarie Cape Liptrap
Cape Bryon Warden Head
Wollongong Head Tacking Point
Clarence River Cape Jaffa
Cape Otway Green Cape
Smoky Cape Barranjoey Head
Cape Nelson
Griffith's Island Greece:
Cape Schanck Mykonos
Carpenter Rocks Spetses
Kiama Skinari
Richmond River Keri
Beachport Akrotori
Robe Katakolo
Cape Jervis Melagavi
Fingal Arkitsa

Griffith's Island Lighthouse
Victoria, Australia

Smoky Cape Lighthouse
New South Wales, Australia

Barranjoey Head Lighthouse
New South Wales, Australia

Melagavi Loutrakiou Lighthouse

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