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Hogwarts and the Draconian Prophecy, September 9th-10th, 2006. Trisha, Wei-Hwa, Nick, Doug, Dan, and Corin made up the Flagrinators study group, part of the house of Slytherin (ssssss.......).
Labor Day Weekend at Lake Tahoe, August 31st - September 4th, 2006. I rented a house at Tahoe Donner and was joined by Doug, Wei-Hwa, Trisha, Melinda, Ian, Sam, and Juls for a weekend of playing at the beach, hiking, cycling, and sitting around. XXtra online: Paparazzi, June 3rd-4th, 2006. All seven Burninators piled into one van for this weekend puzzle hunt, put on by XX-rated.
Doug's birthday puzzle hunt, March 25th, 2006. Not on Doug's birthday, but the closest weekend. Rich, Wei-Hwa, Dan, Ian, and I made puzzles for Doug's puzzle-solving enjoyment. Happy Birthday, Doug! San Francisco, December 11th, 2004. A sunny and clear day in December. I wandered up to see Coit Tower and Pioneer Park, among other places. Oh, and to do some Christmas shopping.
Shinteki: Untamed, November 6th, 2004. Team Burninators tied with Here Be Dragons to reach the (second place) level of "Shark.". Turns out, I took very few pictures of the event. In fact, the only ones I have are from before we even left for the starting point! Winchester Mystery House, October 16th, 2004. My grandparents visited me for the weekend so we toured this tourist attraction just a few miles down the road from me.
Shinteki: Aquarius, May 8th 2004. Team Burninators solved 9 of the 10 puzzles and reached the end first, just about an hour ahead of the Gipper (who also solved 9 of 10). Can't wait for the next Shinteki event. Genodix, May 2004 and July 10-11, 2004. Team Burninators applied to and played in Genodix. The application involved making a double helix that was edible and tasty. See what we did with Jello. The game itself was all weekend long, although my picture taking stopped about mid-Sunday morning.
Hiking in Grant Park, March 21st, 2004. Doug and my first hike of the season. While the grass is still green! Google Ski Trip, January 29th, 2004. Even more Googlers; too many for just one lodge.
Carmel-by-the-sea, January 11th, 2004. A nice drive along the coast on a mostly sunny January day. San Francisco Auto Show, November 23rd, 2003. Lots of shiny new models for 2004.
Moffett Air Show, September 14th, 2003. F-18 Hornets, NASA's shuttle carrier 747, and even an F-117 stealth fly-by. What more fun could a person have? YABA5, September 13th, 2003. A walking treasure hunt around downtown San Francisco and the waterfront, themed on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Organized by the Young Bay Area Alumni.
Backpacking in Snow Mountain Wilderness with Doug. We hiked a 13.5mi loop along the Waterfall, Crooked Tree, and North Ridge trails, spending two nights on the trail. Labor Day weekend, 2003. Kiting at Ocean Beach with Doug, Katherine, Jesse, Sage, Pam, and Bob. Between the seven of us we had six kites, and all saw a bit of flight time this day. August 3rd, 2003.
Santa Clara County Fair, August 2nd, 2003. I like county fairs, and the Santa Clara County Fair was a fun afternoon event. Henry W. Coe state park, May 11th, 2003. Mid-spring is a great time to visit the park.
Visit to San Francisco, in particular, to the Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. Many flower pictures. July 19th, 2003. Google Ski Trip at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Nearly everyone from the company went. I learned to cross-country ski, toboggan in the dark, and snow tube at 8,000 feet. What fun! January 30-31, 2003.
Doug visits in January and he and I are tourists for the weekend. We drive along Skyline Boulevard, head out to the ocean, and see some sights in San Francisco. January 25-26, 2003. Drive in January up to the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton. I passed through Joseph D. Grant county park along the way, and spent about two hours driving along twisty little roads. Fun stuff. January 11th, 2003.
Christmas Decorations in my apartment and at work, December 7th, 2002. I was most pleased when one of my office neighbors told me: "This is so neat -- and I get to see it from my desk!" Christmas in the Park in San Jose, December 7th, 2002. I rented a car and drove to San Jose to do some shopping and see their Christmas decorations. Plaza de Cezar Chavez is all done up in Christmas decor between now and January.
Trip to San Francisco, November 16th, 2002. My friend Alex Verstak and I drove to the City to see the Golden Gate bridge and wander along Fisherman's Wharf. Microsoft's Tablet PC Launch, November 13th, 2002. Microsoft showed off their new Tablet PC platform at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The Tablet PC: a laptop with a digitizer screen.
First rain of Autumn 2002, November 8th, 2002. Three systems moved through and left a few inches of rain. It was the first rain since the Spring, so lots of trees dropped leaves and needles and limbs, and several roads flooded. Halloween, October 31st, 2002. Pictures from my desk, the office party, and my apartment.
Sunset, October 13th, 2002. The sunsets around here are just spectacular. One of these days, I'm going to head up into the foothills and try to get an even better view. Great colors even from the Lamplighter, though. Wandering, September 28th, 2002. I decided to find out where Old Middlefield Road went to the East of Rengstorff. The answer: it merges onto Highway 101. So I wandered a bit around a little residential neighborhood, then back to the Lamplighter.
Bike home, September 13th, 2002. Pictures from my desk at work to my front door. (Well, almost my front door. A friend dropped by before I could make it all the way up to my door.) Lamplighter #13, September 12th, 2002. I've moved in; come see what the place looks like!
Bike ride around the block, September 8th, 2002. I cycled around the block, from my place, to Charleston, down to California, back to Rengstorff, and then back home. Only problem is that I didn't hold the camera very straight when I took the pictures. The Lamplighter, Mountain View, CA, August 4th 2002. The result of my apartment hunting trip for my upcoming move to the Bay Area.
NASA Ames internship , Summer 1998. Photos from my internship at NASA Ames. Back then, I lived in Mountain View, just about two miles from where I live now (year 2002). Fun in the Bay Area , Summer 1998. A few more pictures from my NASA Ames internship, that took 4 years to see the light of the Web.

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