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Double helix on the shaping stand Double Helix form Jello plug Gummi bears Lots of Jello Doug filling the cylinder Removing the helix form Genetic Jello Filling the helix Letting the helix set Double helix in jello App info on the helix 2p, Willie Mays statue The Genodix Microbus The Bloodmobile The Mystery Machine (most of) The Burninators Orange Crush William Genter Genodix job fair participants Semaphores above US-101 Solving a weave maze Angel Island ferry In line for the ferry Angel Island map Cars Solving the stellated dodecahedron Plastic duckies Plastic fishies Recording the fishies The Cheat helps out Nick hammering Matching pictures at Lakeside School Wrapping the stop sign Wrapping the stop sign, 'natural light' Stop sign wrap message Solving a jigsaw puzzle Genodix cow Assembling legos
Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: May and July 10-11, 2004