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Solving a jigsaw puzzle

At the Mountain House restaurant along Skyline Blvd we found a jigsaw puzzle. Solving it was the easy step. Doing something with the image that it showed on the front would take us another hour. I'm letting keeping the hand limit in this puzzle to eight.

This photo shows how the van was populated for the duration of the hunt: I rode shotgun and navigated. Nick (in the red) was our driver. Greg sat behind Nick in the only rear bucket seat (we left the bucket seat behind me at Nick's house). Doug sat in the rear on the passenger side and Wei-Hwa was in the corner behind Greg. Nick had bought a collapsable table for use in the last game we did, which turned out to fit and stow nicely in the van.

(Click the image to view a larger version.)

Corin Anderson |
These pictures from: May and July 10-11, 2004